Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Studio 5 - Thanksgiving Placesettings

I have to say, that the segment I prepared for today was the most time consuming and intense segment I have done yet! I am, however pleased with how it turned out and can't wait to give you a few more details, along with a few places to help you when making your table setting special!

**WARNING - PLEASE don't expect to make EVERYTHING exactly as it is. Adapt it to your liking, and time availablity ... and PLEASE don't feel guilty if you don't get to it this year for Thanksgiving. All of these ideas could be easily adaptable to Christmas as well! These ideas are to simply get that wonderful, creative mind working, and excited for the fun festivities that come along with celebrating Thanksgiving!

Here are some of the details of my segment!
Little Turkey Table
My idea behind this table is to create excitement for the Thanksgiving food, and enjoy fun activities to make this a Thanksgiving dinner they will never forget!One of my favorite things about this table was the experience I had with my mom, my kids, and my nephews and nieces at Color Me mind in Provo, Utah. Color Me Mind is a place that you can go and paint ceramics of your choice in any design you like! We spent a few hours on a Saturday to paint cute plates. I let them all enjoy doing anything they wanted on the plates. It was AWESOME and just made my table setting so perfect for the kids! We went on Saturday, and had our plates back by Wednesday! So this is do-able for anyone who would like to do this for Thanksgiving. Be sure to call for an appointment! Color Me Mind is an INTERNATIONAL company. Look here to see if there is a location near you.

Here are a few more details!

1. Curve your fork using a heat gun. I was inspired by the awesome frozen yogurt joint called the Orange Leaf!
2. Everyone needs a drink at Thanksgiving Dinner, and what kid doesn't like juice boxes? I printed out a picture of each kid, used a circle punch to cut it out, backed it on a scallop circle, and put I wrapped some kraft cardstock around the juice box and placed the photo and name plate on front. For the feathers I cut five, 3/4" x 3" strips of paper and rounded the corners then adhered them to the back. SUPER easy and just darling for a table card, and drink for the kids!
3. These little turkey's I found on www.ourbestbites.com. Be sure to visit this awesome website to get great instruction of how to make it!
I don't know about you, but my family always has a hard time to get our little ones to eat. They are just so excited about being together, that they forget all that wonderful food in front of them. So I came up with this little hand drawn bingo card. Every time they eat something, have them look on their bingo card for a picture of what they just ate, (turkey, stuffing) and put a sticker on it. When they fill up the card, bring it to grandma for a chance to make one of those super cute Oreo Turkeys!
Click here to download bingo card
Most kids don't have a huge attention span, especially at the dinner table. Here is a cute placemat for them to color so all the adults can visit!
Click here to download placemat!
Oh, and don't forget a cute crayon holder for each little one to take home with them! Click here to learn how to make them. (I made 4 in an hour! They are super easy!!

Last but not least, I used a stuffed turkey and a pumpkin to make the table just look festive!

Thankful for Teens
The idea around this table is to make a casual, non-traditional colors, and fun table for the "younger" adults! wink wink!Here are a few details:

Just a quick SHOUT out to Stampin' Up who inspired this table. I used their Spice Cake line to inspire my color scheme. The Fabric, and Buttons are all coordinated together so it made my place setting coordinate!

1. Cover a paint can with cute paper, roll up your plastic utensils in a paper napkin and hold them together with a piece of ripped fabric, and add a crush bottled soda for their drink!
2. I decided to do a little decor for my place. These could easily be used for decor in a room or a closet. Maybe a good idea to have a few extra supplies around in case a few of the girls want to make extras! I found this tutorial online that can explain exactly how to do it. I would suggest the scoring tool from Stampin' Up. I also did mine 3" x 12" and put two together. I put mine together with a hot glue gun!
3. My favorite thing about this table is the place setting tags ... just a die cut around a typed name. EXTREMELY easy! Then is the idea of FAMILY BINGO! Ask your guests in advance some questions that other people might not know about them. Then set the questions at each place setting. It will be a fun activity for the teens to get to know CRAZY uncle Jim, and maybe even spark some great memories in the party!
Some other details about the centerpiece:

I am in LOVE with my banner. Just some simple burlap, ribbon from Hobby Lobby, Wooden sticks, and two pumpkins! The letters are the Serif Font from Sizzix (you can also purchase from Stampin' Up!)

A few days after I designed my banner I saw some other cute ideas of banners on one of my favorite websites, the crafting chicks. Visit their blog to find even more cute ideas!

A few last little details!
* I got the plates at Hobby Lobby ... Paper makes easy cleanup!
* Yes, that is my homemade Buttermilk Pie in the middle of the table – Just a temptation to get your guests excited to eat all their dinner! wink wink! (I might just have to post the recipe another day!)

If you don't know a demonstrator, and want preferred pricing, email me and I can give you the information!

Adult Casual
I wanted to create a handmade feel with this place setting, and give you an inexpesive way of creating a beautiful table using what you have on hand!

**The one thing I didn't get in time before I did my photo shoot was a beautiful table runner using chevron fabric. Look at the segment online to view how it turned out!

The details!!

1. I thought a Thankful card at each place setting was a great way for your guests to focus on the real reason for Thanksgiving. Offer to mail them, or deliver them to the person they choose to write the cards to. The card I created used basic supplies of what I had on hand. All of the products and stamps are from Stampin' Up!
2. Each name tag was created with a tag punch (Stampin' Up!), and a scrap of fabric. Stamp a monogram and hand write each name. I liked the feel of the mason jar with the rest of my decor.
3. Cut out your own place mats using Burlap. It is really cheap too! I made 4 place mats for $2! I also dressed each one up by stenciling a little decoration on each one. Really simple and just a great finishing touch!
My favorite part of this table setting:
I made these little burlap pockets by folding over a pocket and stitching both sides. The corn husks are what you use to make tamales, the napkins I made using leftover fabric, and I just used my everyday utensils. Wrap it up with a stripe of ripped fabric, and finish it off with a button! Just the right finishing touch!
Other details:
Plates - Used the yellow plates I had at home (purchased at Target)
Centerpiece – Flowers, with lemons – Try wrapping vase in Burlap as well!

Adult Formal
This is a very sentimental table. I wanted to find a way to spark memories in the guests at my table. Surrounding my guests in pictures, and a very soft white color pallet, allowed for endless possibilities!
Thanks to my mom for her beautiful China, Silver, Cloth napkins, and Tablecloth! This table was inspired by the tables I have grown up, eating Thanksgiving on!

My favorite thing about this place setting are the monogram plates. They are actually homemade! Purchase ceramic markers at your local craft store (I got mine at Michaels). Here is a great tutorial on how to make these!
Here are some of the details:

1. Although this might look simple, adding a small touch of printed transparency paper just added the finishing touches. It also gives the table just a hint of color!
2. My mom and I went through all of our family scrapbooks and found pictures of past Thanksgivings. We sure enjoyed remembering memories, and I can't wait for the rest of the family to enjoy these pictures. I got the clip frames in the dollar section of Michaels, and printed the wallet sized photos at Costco.
3. Glitter Pumpkin name plates. I purchased these glitter pumpkins last year at Hobby Lobby. Then a simple wrap of a strip of paper around a pencil, just made these name plates elegant!

The last thing I wanted to do was bring a little charm to the table. Who can resist an edible centerpiece. It creates color to your table, along with a little bit of a healthy nudge, before you fill up on all that rich food!
Other Details:
White paper doilies for place mats. I got mine at Party Land in Lehi, Utah. I know you can also get them on www.pebblesinmypocket.com.
Don't forget beautiful clear stemware ... and my favorite drink: Blood Orange Italian Soda - Made from Archer farms at Target!

Conclusion –

You don’t have to use every idea on every place setting. Mix and match the place settings shown to create a memorable atmosphere for you Thanksgiving table. It is super easy to get overwhelmed, so just do as much as you have time for!


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