Monday, February 9, 2015

All you Need is Love ... Perfect Classroom Valentines!

Valentines day has a big history for me ... 
usually it has been getting dumped, 
but it all made a turn around when I got married! 

Now Valentines Day is fun, and the older my kids get the more fun it is becoming. 
While my kids are young, and they still let me enjoy all of the fun creative stuff ... 
I am going to take advantage. 

I teamed up with one of my FAVORITE Printing companies.

I let the boys choose their favorites, and this is what they chose:

Bryson chose a very simple SLAM DUNK BASKETBALL SUCKER HOLDER Valentine

And Chad chose this darling ELEPHANT FINGER PUPPET Valentine

If you're thinking you're too late to order your Valentines, think again! Pear Tree is so fast and I have always received my orders in just a few short days. 

Here are a few other favorites:

Check out our Valentines from LAST YEAR

... And be sure to order your cutest Valentines, from PEAR TREE GREETINGS,
and be the talk of the classroom!