Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spooky Dinner with Spooky Decor

Last year we were invited to a darling "SPOOKY" dinner, a few days before Halloween. It was a SPOOKY dinner with all sorts of yummy food made to look grotesk, for Halloween!

I got so excited about this and was thinking of all the fun spooky dinner items I could make for our own spooky dinner!

It was a last minute idea, so I needed a quick, easy invitation, and some darling decor that wouldn't take too long!

I ordered the invitations from PEARTREEGREETINGS.COM on Monday (October 20) and they were on my doorstep on Thursday morning! THAT IS CRAZY FAST folks! PLUS, the designing literally took me 5 minutes! Being a Graphic Designer myself, I am pretty particular when it comes to design, type, and style. It was so hard to decide between all the darling designs!

Next was the decor, and again ...  PEARTREEGREETINGS.COM was my stop! I decided on my menu first, then created tags for all the food!

I needed quick easy party favors, and luckily I made my famous sugar cookies a few weeks ago, baked them and froze them. It literally took 15 minutes to bring them out of the freezer and frost them for my party guests. Being smart when planning a party is really important!

It was important to me to have food that was edible, and not too gross ... so my menu was normal, but with a few special touches it made the food seem pretty spooky! Here is the menu:

Mummy idea was found here
I didn't make the dip, but grabbed some spinach artichoke dip at Costco.
Pita chips are Townhouse Pita chips

A simple homemade salad, and Olive Garden dressing
Homemade croutons
Grapes in the background of vampire eyes

Spaghetti with homemade sauce and meat


Spinach Fettuccine with Alfredo sauce (sauce purchased from Costco)

Homemade rolls shaped like bones 
(You could used store bought dough. Cut into strips and tie a knot in each end)

Green Jello shots. Purchased the shots at Party Land in Utah.
(Found them online here)

I have to say that these were a HIT with the kids! Seriously their favorite part!!

The Decor was fun, but not complicated! The black cloth I got at Wal-Mart, the extra cards I had from PEARTREEGREETINGS.COM that I hung on the black cloth, and lastly a few spider rings.

For the table I did red square plates, then black plates. The napkin rings were those cheap vampire fangs around a red napkin. Then were the cute witch hat straws! I found the idea here. They did take some time to make, but I made these a few days before the party!

The whole night was a huge success!
My boys had such a great time! Be sure to look around to inspire your next party! TRUST me ... you will be glad you did!


Cara Shimizu said...

Such a fun dinner! Never too early to start planning--I'll definitely be refering back to this post for ideas. Thanks!

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