Thursday, July 17, 2014

Time out is ending!

Thanks for being understanding in my little time out period! So much is going on in my life that I needed to put my blog aside for a minute. I do have some great things in my belt that I am hoping to incorporate in my blog. I am hoping to share them with you this weekend!

In the meantime ... here is what is new with me :)

1. I decided to run the St. George Marathon and training is in full throttle! YIKES!!! It is kicking my HYNEE ... however I decided that I am not getting any younger, or any healthier, so now is the time to just do it. The marathon is October 4, so wish me luck!

2. Spending lots of CRAZY time and moments with my two boys. Summer is a busy one for sure! Between family vacations, girls weekends, camping, etc, etc ... I don't think I have spent a whole weekend at home doing nothing in a month!

3. I have been given some GREAT graphic design jobs in the past months that sure have been keeping me on my toes ... stay tuned and I can show you some fun things I have been designing! HINT: Has nothing to do with crafting, cooking, scrapbooking, etc ... something totally different!

4. We have been making some decisions when it comes to our family and adoption. For now we have decided to pull our profile and not actively seek an adoption opportunity. It has been a rough road for us, and we have felt like it is time to focus on the 2 great kids we have been given. OF COURSE if we were approached to adopt another baby, this would be something we would very much like to consider! ... more to come about adoption as well!

WHEW!! Just a few things keeping me away from my blog huh! Can't wait to share with you posts about our journey the last few months ... stay tuned in the coming weeks!

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