Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sunshine in a box ... makes others happy!

I have a few dear family friends of mine going through a big trial in their lives right now. I thought of some way I could give them a little gift to show her that I am thinking of them without it being too sappy, and overly deep! I have seen a few boxes of sunshine on Pinterest, and I thought I would put one together. I couldn't believe how much fun it was for me!!
** note, the tag had their name on top of the package, 
but I decided it would be best to keep their identity private.

I started off by buying a kraft box from Hobby Lobby. I kept it natural looking and didn't decorate it.
The flower on top is made out of coffee filters, I dyed yellow, then when put together and dry, used some ink on the edges and gold spritz to make it sparkle. The middle is a little pom pom made out of yarn, and a button in the middle. The gift was wrapped in some cute fabric I had in my stash!

Each package was just a little different. This one is for more of a mom figure. 
Everything I purchased at Target.

1. Lemon Meringe Candle
2. Small box of Lemon Crinkle Cookies (recipe found here)
3. Meyer's hand soap
4. Small mason jar spray painted yellow, filled with lemon drops
5. Small chevron bag with Gum, Lindor White chocolate truffle, and Burts Bee's Chapstick
6. Little touches and quotes add just a little special touch ... details about the quotes found below!

Other touches:
Wet Wipee's, Kleenex, Thank you notes, and a yellow drink!

The second box was more for a teen / young adult

1. Yellow Shirt,
2. Sponge Bob Bandaids
3. Same Lemon Crinkle Cookies
4. Small bag above had yellow fingernail polish, etc.

Other stuff:
Hello Notecards
Peanut M & M's
Notebook with a yellow sharpie
Similar stuff as other box above

The reaction of my friends was so fun. It made their whole day and they have told me over and over how much they absolutely loved the box. 
I created this fun printable of tags that you could use for a box similar to mine, or for anything really! 

Only $.99 for download!
click here to purchase
For another great post on how to cheer someone up who might be sick Click HERE

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