Monday, March 4, 2013

Update ... funny video ... and it never stops!

Sometimes I think all I ever have time to post about is Studio 5 these days. Well, it is kinda true ... but so many fun things have gone on this past month, and I wanted to share them with you!

 Had an amazing 32nd Birthday
Started out with Lunch with my family,
spent the afternoon by myself to go shopping,
and Dinner at Ruth's Chris in Salt Lake with Adam.
Finished my amazing day with some of my great friends in the neighborhood,
having good chat time with Cake and Ice Cream.

 Two amazing Saturday's of Skiing for my Birthday

One amazing thigh deep powder day with my friend Alicia
and another amazing day with the man I love more than anything!

My little Bryson turned 5 years old! 

I got to register him for Kindergarten too! SO WIERD, but EXCITING!!
Had a really fun Dinosaur Birthday Party for my little man
 Friends and Cousins to the Dinosaur Museum at
Thanksgiving Point
 Grandma came to help me tame the crowd
Back to our house for Presents and Cake!
and then wake up and do VALENTINES DAY!
 Woke up to this homemade Valentine, homemade by my man
Using his new Stamp Set from Stampin up! (DUDE YOU'RE WELCOME!)

sent the boys to their preschool classes with these darling Valentines

Next Pack like a crazy woman, and leave town to go out of town
snowmobiling with friends at a Cabin
Playing Wipeout on the XBOX Kinect

Had two days to prepare a segment for Studio 5 ...
and somewhere in-between

Built Forts with the boys

Had a fun evening and over-night at my SIL's family cabin
(Just the girls)

Finally finished painting my bathroom!!
(Aren't those watercolors beautiful? My mom painted them!)
Color is Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies ... supposed to be grey, but looks a little green tinted. LOVE IT!

Taking my boys sledding
Because who can resist when we keep getting so much snow!

Go and get sundaes at Thanksgiving Point, just for the heck of it!
(growing out my bangs ... What do you think??)

Spending Sunday nights making Orange Julius with Daddy ... 
A Douglass Sunday night tradition

Taking naps with the boys ...

And ending with Strep throat this past weekend.

A CRAZY few months to say the least, and now ...
Nephew coming home from his mission on Wednesday and
trying to get ready for another segment next week!
Wish me luck, and another update soon!

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Eames Evolution said...

You are such a fun mommy! I'm gonna need some serious tips on how to be a mom of boys...cause that's what is coming in July aaah!! Help:)