Thursday, February 7, 2013

5 Ways to show him you love him & Brick Canvas Giveaway!

I have been preparing for weeks for this segment ... and couldn't have executed it without a few key sponsors ... so before the details I wanted to give each of these great sponsors a shout out!!

First is my Giveaway Sponsor!!!

Brick Canvas is a new building at Thanksgiving Point that is dedicated to discovering
new ways to balance your body and mind!

It includes

Bikram Yoga is a HOT yoga facility! The room is over 100 degrees!
(Haven't tried it but looks super fun!)

Lyceum is a unique fitness and wellness studio that empowers and strengthens clients and helps them reach their highest potential. Then it brings together the best in fitness training, nutritional counseling, and wellness education. They tailor the solution to meet individual client needs and goals.

Sage Leaf Spa includes a variety of different types of Massage as well as 
scrubs, wraps, facials, & waxing. One of the most beautiful Massage facilities I have ever seen!

VIVESQUE Salon, is where you'll be given the VIP treatment from the moment you walk through the door. From complimentary drinks, to cutting edge style, they will make sure you’re treated like royalty. Lie back and relax, surrounded by heated towels, gourmet snacks, and complimentary scalp massages. But don’t be fooled by the red carpet treatment—
they also offer refreshingly affordable prices! 

Full Service Hair Salon Services 
Nails and Pedicures 
Premium Salon Products (Shu Uemura and K√©rastase) 
Award Winning Stylists

So do you want to take advantage of all of this!
Enter to win one of 3 different gift cards valued at $80!
For your chance to win leave a comment with:
Name & email address (only so I can contact you if you win!)
comment what part of Brick Canvas you're wanting to check out
become a follower of my blog!

My next sponsor was:
Fancy Fortune cookies send me these darling RASPBERRY flavored fortune cookies 
& Giant Fortune Cookies! Not to mention they were chocolate dipped and the messages were personalized just for Adam! I was super impressed by the quality of their product!

Visit their website to order yours for Valentines day!

Pioneer Party is a DARLING gift and copy store in Lehi Utah with one of a kind gifts you can't find anywhere else. They helped me wrap the darling "movie night" gift in a balloon

And last but not least ...

who sent me this wrapping paper
And this is what I did with it!

I can't thank all my sponsors enough for making my segment magical!
Be sure to enter the contest to win! I will pick winners this Weekend!

More to come including the segment and details about all the gifts later today!


Schafer Family said...

I would like the spa!

Schafer Family said...

forgot the e-mail is

Anonymous said...

Lisa Topham

I would like either the spa or salon

Anonymous said...

My name is Rebeca Santos and my email address is

My husband and I would love the Sage leaf Spa. That would be our first time ever getting a massage...sounds way Fun!!

Anonymous said...
I would LOVE the spa! Thx again Mandy!!

Romni Bird said...

Romni Bird The spa looks so amazing, and the way you describe the salon makes me feel like I'm missing out on something amazing!

becky said...

I go to lyceum and love it! But I'd use this for a spa treatment for sure!!

Marney Blomquist said...

I would love the spa or yoga. I have heard about this place for awhile and would love to try it.

MELODY said...

I would totally love the spa or the Bikram Yoga! Thanks so much for the giveaway!!!
Melody Forsyth

Alisha R. said...

I'd love the spa.

CherylAnne said...

The Spa looks amazing!


Maija said...

I guess gifts are a nice way to show your significant other that you love him. I have seen, however, that there are many other ways too to show your feelings to your partner. You can check my ideas from here

The Allen Family said...

The spa sounds heavenly:)

Honeybee said...

What a fabulous giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!

Susan Neal said...

Well Mandy, I'm feeling kind of lucky today as I just won some vanilla beans on a friends blog. So here goes. Of course, sign me up for the Sage Leaf spa and actually thanks for even letting me know about this place, must be new because I've never heard of it. My email is
and my name is Sue Neal! Hi Ya Mandy!

ANDREA said...

just thought i left a comment - but i dont see that it posted. but it said something like unto the following: dude. please bless my name gets drawn for that spa. Me + Facial = oh so necessary. :) my email is
Thanks for doing this. such a champ