Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our home ... One year later!!

Today is the Anniversary of the day we officially got the keys to our house!

I can't believe it has already been one year since we got the keys for our house!! Everyday we feel so blessed to have it!! Is it a mansion? No, but definitely big enough for our little family of 4. We have such amazing friends and neighbors, our ward (congregation) has been so wonderful to us. Our boys have lots of little, and big friends to play with. We feel so blessed to have been able to purchase our home.

Looking back through this last year, I noticed I promised to show my readers portions of our house, yet I never have followed through! I guess I have been waiting for our home to be completed with furniture, and decorated like a model home. If there is something I have learned in the last year,  it would be that everything takes a lot of time and money. We have done a lot to the house, yet I have an ever ending list of what I want to do. I guess all in due time right! 

I know it isn't a model home, in fact, I took all the pictures with my iPhone. I decided enough is enough and it might be more fun to show you a work in progress right??

Let me show you some pictures of what we have done!


I found a quote a few months back that says this:
"The key to having it all, is believing you already do"

I put this front and square in our front entry way to help me realize that I have a great home, a great little family, and a wonderful life. It keeps me in check when I get discouraged!
Frames found at Poppy Seed Projects
Picture of Christ Surrounded by the Family Proclamation & the Living Christ
I am hoping to redo these frames soon with This included
This is my boy's bathroom. The towels and rug are from LLBean


Here are the boy's rooms. We just barely painted the blue in Chad's room. It was a terrible tan color that almost looked peach before.

The Boys beds we got for a steal a few weeks ago from Downeast Home They are actually bunk beds, but separated for now.  The dresser above was the one we used with our crib. The hope for these rooms is that WHEN we adopt a baby we will put both boys in the bedroom below, and make Bryson's bedroom (above) the nursery. I am also in the process of making another quilt as close to Bryson's as I can so they will match when they are in the same room together. 


This is our Master Bedroom, super plain, but does the job for now. Still would like to do the stripes on the wall, but I am having a hard time talking Adam into it! Adam & I made the headboard out of an old door. We love it! As for the Dresser and end tables, they are the same pieces of furniture I had in my room in high school. I am really ready for a change. Again, lots of ideas, a new quilt, and much more  I would like to do. 

The Master Bathroom has a rug, one picture on the wall, and a plastic shower curtain. Can you say I feel a project coming on?? 


Next is our great room and kitchen. I am really ready for new couches, and to finish off everything, but in the meantime, it is homey and lived in! My future for this room entails curtains, replacing the carpet with a wood floor and granite countertops, as well as a tile back splash, but those are WAY down on the list. Isn't that quilt killer cute? My mom made it and gave it to me for Christmas. I LOVE IT!


Back Bathroom, not much to explain, other than it was a dramatic change from when we moved in. The art above is on the wall to the right. I hand drew them in illustrator and framed them in ikea frames. I am willing to sell additional prints, email me if you're interested!


The living room is a work in progress. Adam and I decided to get furniture for our Christmas, and even that, I was so surprised how expensive it can be. I have LOTS of plans for this room. The picures are just there temporarily, until I can get what I want :) I can't wait to finish it off with wall paper, paint, curtains, round rug, beautiful picture of the temple, & possibly some botanical art my mom did! Lots more to do, just need the cash :)


 This is our playroom / basement. No furniture yet ... but a great room to send the boys to play!
Just so you can know I am normal, here is what the basement looks like 90% of the time. (and this is on a good day!)
If you're interested in the Custom Subway Art Design, email me for more details. 
I can custom design one for your home!


This is the rest of the basement. A Bathroom, Adam's Office / Man Cave where he studies, and My plain little office. I almost don't recognize it. I haven't seen the carpet in months! I am hoping for some wallpaper, curtains, and to paint the oak shelf. Hopefully I can do something about this room soon!


This is our garage. Almost finished painting, and one improvement I haven't loved. (although I have to admit I am loving the finished touches!) Adam has wanted to finish it since we moved in. It is looking great though, and I will need to show you a picture when we are done.

Hope you have enjoyed the tour of our house. We love it! Can't wait to see what else we can finish so I can show ya'll!

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Jaimie said...

I just LOVE. What you've done with that house of yours! Thanks for letting us stay with you guys several months back!