Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Night at the Movies – Outdoor movie party!

I always enjoy finishing my segments for Studio 5 and having a break ... but I have to admit, intermixed with lots of stress and late nights, I have a BLAST!

Here are some additional tips for you on the segment today!

Movie night tips!

The Place – Make sure you pick a great spot! It could be anywhere in the backyard, on the patio, porch or even on the garage. Be creative. 
Be sure to control the amount of light in your settting. (bright street lights, a busy street, etc).  
Make sure you turn off the sprinklers on their automatic cycle! 
Let your neighbors know ahead of time your plans so you don’t disturb them, or better yet, invite them!

Setting up
The Screen
Use something you already have – The side of a house, even a garage works just great!
Make your own screen using a king sized flat white sheet. On they even mentioned tacking the top and bottom of the sheet onto thin strips of wood. Drill the hole in the top of the wood so you can hang it from the side of the house, garage or any other building.

 You will need a movie player (a laptop works fantastic), and a movie projector.  You will also need some speakers. If you’re a little technically challenged, you can hire companies like They will come and set up an inflatable movie screen, bring the projector, and set it all up! In fact, they will even come and set it all up for you! They also will rent just the projector, just the screen ... be sure to visit their web page to contact them!

Utahoutdoorcinema has been so generous to donate an outdoor movie night complete set to a lucky Studio 5 viewer! Be sure to go to Studio 5’s Facebook page to enter!

Making your guests comfortable – You don’t have to purchase expensive seating. It can be as simple as providing camp chairs, & blankets. Even ask your guests to bring something comfortable to sit on! Don’t forget the bug spray, and maybe some tiki lamps to provide a little light by the concessions!

Picking a movie –
Because we are now in the first week of summer, I thought I would suggest a few of my favorite movies that have to do with summer! Another great tip when picking a movie is make sure you know your audience. If your neighbors have a great view from their house, be sure to let them know if you’re going to be showing a horror, or higher rated movie.

I thought since this was a Summer Movie Party, all of the movies should have to do with summer vacation. Here are my recommendations!

All of the items have something to do with "NIGHT" at the Movies
Moon Pies
Milky Ways
Star Bursts
Night crawlers (sour gummy worms)
Star Rice-Krispy Treats dipped in Dark Chocolate
Night Owl Smores
Popcorn with flavor choices (cheddar, cinnamon sugar, etc. - Flavors found at Target) 
Popcorn Cupcakes

Making the night magical-

Lighting – Party Patio lights, Tiki lights, Glow in the dark balloons, glowing drinks!
Give everyone glow bracelets, rings, necklaces, and even glowing star sticks  (All found at the dollar store!

Entertain your Guests!

Last but not least, We want to keep your guests entertained. So I drew up a little bingo card. Provide some stickers, and as they see these summer items on the big screen, have them put their sticker on the card. The first one to yell BINGO, gets a prize! 

To download the Bingo Card for personal use only, click HERE


Karen (McCown) Young said...

Is there a link to the cute popcorn cupcakes? I was hoping to get the recipe and download the cupcake "cover" (I forget what that thing is called now...)
Thanks! Great ideas!

Douglass Family said...

Hi Karen,

I was hoping to include that last night when I wrote the post, and got too tired! Here is the link for the instructions I followed:

Here is the link for the printable popcorn labels!

I am planning on writing more details, and recipes tonight. Check back tomorrow for tips!
Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

Could you let me know how you did the glo drinks?
and are those actual glow in the dark balloons or do they have goo sticks inside?

Anonymous said...

oops typo! i meant to say glo sticks inside? :)