Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crazy week, ended in Baby Shower fun!

Last week was one of the busier weeks I have had in a long time!
On Sunday, we traveled back from St. George from a little quick planned vacation with my Best Friend from High School, our husbands, and kids! It was super fun, however extremely exhausting! 
(Next time I think we will try a vacation without kids... not a trip with the little ones!)

A Happy Mother's Day we had ... shopping and a little pool time!

Stopped by my parent's house for a Happy Mother's Day to my mom, and Happy Birthday to my dad!

Tuesday was our Studio 5 neighborhood Party with all the teens in our neighborhood!
 Last day of Bryson's first year of Preschool!
Thanks Mrs. Tanya for an amazing year!
Mom came with me to Studio 5
Have I mentioned how awesome my mom is? I am SO lucky!

My friend Krissa helped me buy and plant flowers! Don't you love them??
(Okay so I need to show you a picture in a month or so ... but I am SO excited!)

Next was throwing a Baby shower for a cute friend of mine in my ward. 

Thanks to Stampin' Up's My Digital Studio, it came together so cute!
Here is the invitation for a teaser. I will post about the entire shower in the next few days!

I finished a wedding announcement that I have been doing for a free-lance job. Can't wait to show you the final invitation! It is so unique and cute!
Hope you're having a GREAT week!

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