Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pins of Inspiration

I was asked to make a cake for a Birthday Party to celebrate our women's church organization called the Relief Society. As creative as most of you might think I am, & I do love to cook, I have to admit that Cakes are not my thing. I try SO stinkin hard, but very rarely do I succeed to make a cake that tastes AND looks great. So in my very long days of anxiety prior to the party, I turned to Pinterest. THIS my friends is where I feel like Pintrest allows you to find many ideas to spark your creativity, but not blatantly copy someone else.

Here is how I started. I found a design I liked, a cake recipe I wanted to try, and a frosting I had tried and LOVED before!

1. Cake idea & layer coloring
2. Cake Recipe UNBELIEVABLE!
3. Frosting Recipe CHANGED MY LIFE!

I also needed something to place my cake on ... and I was either entirely too lazy to run to Walmart to get one of those white cardboard things to set my cake on ... & / or I was too cheap. So this is how I made my own!
1. Cut two circles out of a cardboard box and taped them together with packaging tape.. 
2. Cut some white contact paper out a little bigger than the cardboard circle.
3. Cut slits around the edges.
4. Folded the edges around cardboard and taped them. 

The cake stand I made out of a glass plate I found at my local thrift store, and a glass goblet. Glued them together with glass glue, and spray painted the whole thing green! Here is a tutorial of how to make your own. 

SO you ready for the results??

I have to say, it did take me the entire day ... but now that I have done it, I could do it in half the time ... and I was pretty excited that it turned out pretty good!

It looked great, it tasted great, and it was GONE by the end of the night! I couldn't believe it! Each layer I chopped up fresh strawberries and put them in-between the layers with frosting. The last picture is a little ghetto, I took it with my iPhone while people were trying to get the pieces out! It was crazy to say the least. 

What do you think??


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness your cake is so pretty! It looks SO YUMMY!

I have no doubt that someone like you can accomplish something like this. You're amazing!

Kristy said...

I must say it was my favorite cake there!! Well done!