Saturday, January 28, 2012

Laundry Room Love

I have decided that it is time!
It is time to do something with these blank blue walls!
(This is my laundry room bathroom!)A few months back I decided to sketch out a few fun pictures of laundry items to hang on the wall in the bathroom next to my laundry room. I hand drew each little laundry item in illustrator, added a little caption at the bottom, then waited until I made it to Ikea to get some frames. ($11 for all three!)

I finally made it to Ikea yesterday, and today printed out the images onto watercolor paper. Then used some watercolor paints to give them color to make them pop. Within a 1/2 hour, my bathroom pictures were hanging! I am feeling SO much better about those blue walls now, and I am even closer to finishing up this bathroom! Here are some closeups!

I am hoping to include an antique wash board on the last wall. I just can't wait to complete this room. If you're interested in these sketches for your bathroom wall, please email me and I can give you the details!!

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Cathy said...

Your sketches are adorable!