Monday, December 26, 2011

I DO still scrapbook!

Seeing that the last year has been such a busy one, I haven't been posting much of anything that has relation to scrapbooking. In fact, I haven't had much time to scrapbook at all since the move. It seems life is life and just happens to take over!So I thought I would share an album that I put together at the beginning of December for a sweet friend of mine from college. She sent me an email a few months back asking if I would be willing to do a scrapbook for her, displaying the moments from her courtship with her fiancé. (Married Dec 20! CONGRATS JESS!)

As I don't scrapbook much for people anymore, because lets face it, I don't scrapbook much for myself these days either ... I thought this would be something fun to do. She was super organized and had everything, including journal entries how how she felt when she was dating him. She gave me logos, and had it laid how exactly how she wanted it. I got to pick the paper (Crate Paper) and Album (American Crafts), and do all the creative stuff. It was SO much fun, because I didn't have to worry about the stuff I have a hard time doing (journaling and organizing the photos!)

So as a last gift to you in 2011 I want to share with you (with Jessie's permission of course) her sweet album that she gave to her husband for Christmas. All of the blur are her personal journal entries, and are kept private for Scott of course!

Hope this will motivate you like this has for me to make the resolution to scrapbook more in 2012!!

Hope you have enjoyed this process! Sure makes me wish I would have kept better track of my feelings when I was dating Adam.

I am enjoying a solid week with Adam and the kids! NO WORK OR SCHOOL! YIPPEE!!! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and have a break too!


The Melville's said...

Good job! So cute! You are extra creative

Izzyb said...

Great project. So cute!

Anonymous said...

This is totally amazing! It is so well done. They will SOOOOO cherish it!