Monday, December 19, 2011

And the Winner is:

First off, Sorry for the late response in my giveaway! I really have a great excuse that "changed my life" this weekend!
Bryson and Chad decided to give mommy a Christmas Gift while I was busy finishing a few neighborhood gifts!

Yep! Snuck my craft paints out of my office and made a beautiful picture in our basement! Needless to say this "changed our life" this weekend. 2 Hours of scrubbing carpet, and thank you to Stanley Steemer ... we got 99% of it out! WHEWW! But on to what you are waiting for!!

WELL, SURPRISE ... I actually have 2 winners! Exciting huh!
First is:

Amazing ideas Mandy! Always new and fun ideas! This planner is perfect for making it all your own! It would change my life by helping me center on all the good things that happen so that I don't forget them!


And the next one is:

I havent recorded a daily journal since I was making top ten lists of the guys in my life- that was about 30 years ago fyi ;)
So this journal would certainly change my life for the better. I tried to order one with the promo code, but I must have been a day too late. So Ill go for the win
Great job Mandy

Email me your address' so I can get these books to you awesome ladies!
I am hoping to post a few fun holiday activities we have been up to! (Including our neighborhood gifts!)


connie said...

Well you just made my awesome day even better!! Thank you thank you!! I'm so glad you took pictures of your little artists before you cleaned up the paint. You can remind them of this their while lives!! You are set forever for mothers day ;)

Lindsay Kay said...

Thanks so much babe! I was so excited to see it when I got home! I never win anything and now I can't say that anymore.:)