Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today I went to my parents house to look through our scrapbooks and found a bunch of pictures displaying past Thanksgiving's. I was amazed how many pictures I did find ... and how much everyone has changed. Check out a few of these classics! My sister Tiffany in 1975Dinner in 2000Can't have a Thanksgiving Dinner without Coke! 2006And my Amazing Sister-in-Law, Milka's recipe for Turkey is always a favorite

So Today I am thankful for two things ... an awesome mom who helped me sift through pictures and scan for an hour. And also, I am so thankful for Camera's. So many awesome memories are recorded because of these amazing devices. I am grateful for Digital Camera's today that record so much more! It was sad to see that from 1965-1975, my mom had one picture album. For 2010 my mom has 3 albums! Oh how I am grateful for technology!

Be sure to tune into Studio 5 next week to see what I am doing with these photos!

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