Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Quote that has changed my life!

(Thanks to the AWESOME creative team at American Crafts for posting this on their wall!)
I don't know if you blog, but often times there is this little bird on my shoulder that makes me feel guilty for not showing you EVERY little thing I create during my week, or sharing more of my life with you. This was a quote I really needed. This summer, I really have done just that ... I have taken time to live ... and although I haven't posted everything I have done, I feel like I have created better, smarter, and finished creative projects I have wanted to do for YEARS!

I think often times we all have a picture in our minds of these blogging friends, and that their life is PERFECT! That they never sleep because they create, or cook, or sew, or are the PERFECT mothers. I promise that MOST of the time, they only post the best of what they have. Just a little reminder, that we are all normal, everyday people ... mommies that often don't get a shower until late afternoon (if at all) ... and for heavens sake, sometimes eat cereal for dinner.


Just wanted to give you permission!
So I leave you with one more quote ... instead of getting bent out of shape because you don't think you are what others are:
Being happy is much more important than crafts sometimes!
I rest my case!

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Jaimie said...

Amen! Well said! thanks for the reminder.