Friday, July 1, 2011


WHEW! What a crazy few weeks it has been in my life! I knew that I hated moving, but I think that the past few weeks really confirms that! I do, HOWEVER, firmly believe in opposition. With the bad, always comes the GOOD! SO first ... lets give you a little bit of the good that comes from moving ...


There are just a ton of little kids in the the neighborhood. Lots that are Bryson and Chad's age. We haven't gotten to know them all yet, however we're just starting!
We got a new lawn mower, and the boys just love to help daddy! (First time in our married life we have had to mow our lawn! We have sure been spoiled!)
My Garden is blooming like crazy!
The boys are loving the Strawberries that are in full bloom.
I have repainted 4 rooms and I am working on the basement! (THANKS to my amazing mom who is unreal!)
All my flowers haven't died ... just a few ;)
My boys are finally getting used to sleeping in their new rooms.
I have the entire upstairs unpacked. Downstairs ... well ... it is coming ;)
My new ward (Congregation) has been so welcoming and sweet. In fact we had our across the street neighbor make us bread! It was VERY yummy!
The painful research on my fridge and frontload washer and dryer paid off. I LOVE THEM!
I am redoing my Master bedroom ... and loving the progress.
Nights when Adam is gone to school haven't been as lonely, because I have had lots of projects.
My entire family pitched in and helped us move. I am in serious debt to all of them.
My Niece watched my kids so I could paint and move. She is the best!
We were in our house one day earlier than planned.
Although there were hiccups ... everything worked out (see below)
There are horses in a field near by.
There is an AWESOME park just a skip away from our house.
The closet in my office is SO great and it really fitting my storage needs well.

My boys are going to miss their best friends (the horses, Appache and Mex) Not to mention their owner Mindy too!
We miss our cute neighbors that lived below us for two years and their darling twins.
The day we got possession of our house, the sellers made us aware of a wet spot in the basement they found under their couch. Our inspector didn't catch it and they didn't know about it. It ended up a pipe break behind the kitchen cabinets. SO YES, along with moving, we had move out our kitchen cabinets, repair 4 holes in our sheetrock in the basement, and although the home warrantee covered most of the repair costs, we still had to pay about $200. (not as bad as we thought, but still not fun!) Adam even was handy enough to fix the sheetrock behind the cabinets, so we could put the kitchen back together!
Our sprinklers are massively messed up and Adam has spent the last few Saturdays fixing them. Thankful for a husband who is handy, and an awesome bro-in-law that does sprinklers and landscaping for a living.
Our garbage disposal didn't work for a few days.
Bryson and Chad can open these doors really easy and escape outside.
There is a cinderblock wall on the south side of the property that is a little bit of a hazard. Nothing that a fence can't fix, however just have to do it ;)
Waiting to order wallpaper for my office, so it is a little bit in shambles!

Everything really is going SO good. We have had so much support from everyone and appreciate all the warm wishes and help. I can't wait to show you more pictures of the house. Give me a week or so, so I can finish some decor stuff ;)

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Kim said...

Hi Mandy. I'm so glad to hear that you are doing well. I met you at CKC Valley Forge and took several classes with you. We talked quite a bit throughout the weekend and I really enjoyed your company. I'm so glad that you are healthy, and coping. Take care, and enjoy settling into your new house. Thank goodness you found the broken pipe before it was a big problem.
Kim Thomas