Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seeing a whole new perspective!

The last few weeks I have had multiple doctor appointments for my eye. They are just the routine ones, just to make sure that my good eye is in great condition. It has now been two years since I lost the vision in my right eye (if you're new to this information you can read about this here)

The doctors are really confident that things are going really well. In fact my Optic-Neurologist said that my good eye looks better than ever. Although all of these appointments have good news, it still is a little blistering ... having to kind of re-live the news that I won't ever get the site in my right eye back again.

So the rain has been CRAZY, as it has everywhere, this spring. It has kinda put me into a funk, and almost a little bit of a depression. Waiting to get into my house; having our ward split; letting my contract go with Creating Keepsakes; not working for any company for the first time in years; lets just say ... this has been a wild a crazy few months.

I have had a lot of time to ponder. On Easter Sunday I was asked to speak in church. I spoke on renewal, and how I am looking forward to the Savior coming again. I am so excited be resurrected and to someday have my vision back. It was something I really needed to study, and be reminded of my important belief.

My sister Tiffany has been helping me buy and prepare my garden for this year. Being reminded of the possibility of loosing my eye site permanently someday, makes me want to plant as many flowers as I can. By doing this, I am hoping that I will get to enjoy these beautiful flowers, and vegetables not only this year, but for many more years to come. This past week I have been spending a lot of time at my new house (well in the yard), preparing an area to grow a garden. It has made me feel purpose, and excitement to start this new chapter of my life! (Thanks so much for all the help Tiff!)

All of these experiences led up to the feeling I had today. It was the same feeling I felt, the day I was driving down the street in Albany, New York ... finally adjusted, and loving missionary life. It was the same feeling I felt when Adam told me he loved me, and wanted to marry me! It was the same feeling I had the day I found out I was pregnant with Bryson. It was the same feeling I had as I snugged my little Chad while reading scriptures tonight, feeling so much love for this little soul. What my life would be like without him? It knowing that I have a Heavenly Father ... who loves me! I have purpose in this world and I am who I am. Regardless of eye, my life matters.

I am so grateful for the life I have, and although everyone has their challenges ... I am grateful for all I have learned through mine, and continue to learn. Everyday may not be hunky dory ... however it is my life. I am surrounded by so many that love me, by two little boys that are my world, by a husband who loves me, and think ... I couldn't possibly want anything more!


the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

I am so sorry to hear that you won't ever get your eye sight back, but thankful for you at the same time, because you still have one eye!
Thanks for the reminder to cherish what we have everyday! and to appreciate the small things.


Amy said...

I love your truth. Most people would be angry or bitter but you are taking what you have and running with your truth! Very inspiring!

Megan said...

Your life absolutely matters! You're a bright spot in the world and I'm glad I know you.

Cheryl said...

Just read your post - you're an amazing woman! Thank you.

The British Homemaker said...

I have just found your blog after seeing your post on Crafting Chicks...well I decided to pull up a chair and have a good read....this particular post has a tear in my eye because I love the inspiration and courage you emanate through your words.