Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It is about time ... now isn't it!

With the holidays, and everything that comes with it, I have had a harder time, trying to find time to update you all on the 25 day countdown. I will get going on that this evening!

But lets at least pick a winner, shall we!
First for the doodlebug products .... drum roll please!

Pam said...
I have followed your blog for quite awhile. I would love to win this giveaway. My recipes are a disaster...scraps of paper thrown in a cookbook. Everything else is extremely organized in my life, but I really need help with this!

CONGRATULATIONS PAM!!! Please email me your address so I can get this stuff sent off to ya!

And for the Master Menu Cookbook ... another drum roll ... from the little drummer boy (I need a coke today, can you tell?)

Heather V said...
I would love to win either of these wonderful prizes! My future husband is an extremely picky eater, so any and all recipes that he will eat go in my recipe box - which is in total disarray. Thanks for the chance!

Congratulations on getting married Heather! That is so exciting!
Just so you know Heather, my husband Adam is a "particular" eater too. He likes what he likes ... but 5 years has really helped. He is much more willing to at least try new things. Hopefully this will help ya! Be sure to email me so I can get your address as well!

It snowed a foot today at my house ... we weren't expecting a white Christmas this year, so I am THRILLED!
Hope you're enjoying your day!

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Heather V said...

Thank you so so much! Winning this cookbook is an excellent holiday surprise!