Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

How can you tell I am a mother? It is now Wednesday, and I am just now posting about Mother's Day! SHEESH! :)

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you amazing women out there! I want to you know that you all inspire me, and I try to become better each day because of the creative and amazing women that are my examples! (regardless of whether or not I know you personally!)

Mothers day was fantastic! Adam made me a "healthy" breakfast, gave me these:& made me dinner! He had plans to get me more than just flowers, but then I had the great idea of getting a running stroller to "motivate me" to exercise :) I have actually wanted one for a WHILE now ... so we combined Mother's Day, and my share of the tax refund and bought this baby!Now all we need is for Utah to warm up so that I don't have to dress my children like we are rolling through the Arctic!

Last but not least, my sister's and I went up to Salt Lake yesterday in the pouring rain to take my mom to lunch at the Garden Room at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building and go take a tour of the Relief Society building where she serves as a missionary twice a month! It was a great day, and sure made it a fun mother's day gift for her. We even saw Sherri Dew in Deseret Book! WAY awesome. Sorry I don't have any pictures ... I forgot my camera :)

Tell me what your traditions of Mother's Day are!


Nancy K. said...

Looks like you had a great Mother's Day. I have the exact same stroller and I LOVE LOVE it!!

Niki Carter said...

I just went through a bunch of your posts. I have been checking your other blog and didn't have this one linked. You are looking so great!! I don't think you need to diet but good luck! You are lucky you have that kick Butt matabolism! Miss you!