Friday, May 21, 2010

Chad's Room

So ever since my little Chad was born, I have struggled to know what to do with his room. I have two babies essentially, and I wasn't about to make Bryce start sleeping in a bed, after moving and the crazy changes that took place in our family last year in June. So my sister-in-law asked me to "store" her baby furniture for her and use it for Chad. At least it was somewhere to start!

I don't know why it is, but When I started to think about designing my kids rooms, I automatically associate the color of their scrapbooks with it. The scrapbooks had to be the same color scheme as their rooms, (I know, I need some counseling!)
Bryson's room was decorated with the color pallet of Navy Blue, Baby Blue, and Chestnut Brown. (Picture taken in our home in Page. Upcoming additions coming to his room soon!)
I got all my bedding from Pottery Barn Kids, and loved it! I felt like it was something he could grow with. Thus also his scrapbook became the same color pallet.

Chad was born, & the color pallet of his room was inspired by the outfit I bought for him to come home from the hospital in. My mom found a darling minky fabric that she made a blanket for Chad with,, and that helped encourage the color pallet too! But then we moved, and then moved again, and even months and months after he was born, I just couldn't find anything in Green and Brown.

Next, I was up in Salt Lake, eating lunch with a few friends and went to this amazing Boutique store called Hip & Humble. It just so happens that I fell in love with these. SO I bought them ... and this is where everything fell into place.

Next was some fabric I found at this cute little store in Lehi, Utah called Broadbents. And I found this!

It was all coming together. I decided a banner, a new bumper, and keep the main feel using the brown and green, but add some color to these incredibly boring white walls (gotta love renting!) It took me a while to make the bumper, and I am still working through a few of the kinks, but I had to finally post a few pictures. I also made a really fun board of all of my favorite pictures of chad during his first year.

Chad loves it .. so I guess that is all that matters ... right?I have already started Chad's scrapbook as brown and green, but now that I have added more colors to his room, I am excited to see what additions will come! For his room ... I have my eye on a really great antique stop sign, and a few other additions ... so if you have any other ideas feel free to post!


Amanda said...

No ideas but just wanted to let you know that you're not alone and don't need counseling. ;) I totally found myself matching each boys' scrapbooks to their going home from the hospital outfits, too. :)

alicia said...

yeah, you win in the idea dept. you are so talented girl. how are you btw?


Jaimie said...

SO cute! Chad has gotten so big! Call me crazy, but chad looks like your dad in that picture!!

Kelly Evanson said...

i love that board with chad's name on it. what is it??