Monday, April 26, 2010


So I failed to announce before I left, that Adam and I finally took a break! We decided to go on a Cruise! Here is how it happened.

About 5 years ago, Adam and I took a honeymoon cruise for 4 days. It just so happened that we met this cute couple that was on their honeymoon too! We were both married the same day, and seemed to click really well. We kept running into them on excursions and decided to have the same dinner table!

Well we gave each other our information and promised to share pictures when we got home. But life took over, and the information was lost, and so was that cute honeymoon friendship!

A few months back, this cute girl by the name of Kirsten Krason, (check out her amazing blog here) happened to find my blog. And it just so happened, that she was that same girl from 5 years ago, on that honeymoon cruise that we took! We decided it was time to get together to see what had happened in our lives these past 5 years. So we had them for dinner. We found out they were planning a vacation in celebration on Kirsten graduating from Interior Design School, and it was about the same time that Adam and I wanted to plan a vacation. One week later, we booked a cruise with Josh and Kirsten, and left 3 weeks later!
Our cruise was on the Princess Sapphire ship, and we sailed out of Los Angeles, CA. We headed down the Baja of Mexico. We went to Puerto Viarta, Mazitlan, and Cabo San Lucas Mexico! It was SUCH an amazing trip and one we will never forget!
So here are some fun pictures from the trip! Hope you all had a great week too!
** Picture explanations follow starting at the top and go from left to right.
1. Miniature Golf on the ship.
2. Cabo San Lucas
3. Parasailing off the beach in Mazitlan.
4. Overlook of our ship
5. Beach in Mazitlan
6. Zip lines in Puerto Viarta
7. Shuffle board on the ship
8. Winning the Amazing race on the ship! Don't worry, we gave the "free" bottle of Champagne to a nice couple!
9. Beach in Cabo San Lucas


Cindy said...

Fantastic! Looks like a fantastic cruise and so cool that you went with that other couple. My DH and I have won the Amazing Race on a Princess ship too- so much fun. Thanks for reminding me of that!

Josh said...

Ha! I am the man from that cute couple. Great pics of our cruise. What a blast it was. We'll have to have our after cruise party soon.

p.s. My body is still adjusting to a normal eating schedule. Where's the buffet? Jello?

Megan said...

Seriously, what a small world! :) I have been reading your blog since you won scrapbooker of the year...I went to college at Utah State with Kirsten and husband was Josh's roommate! They are great people! :)