Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brian Regan

So back in October Adam was driving home from work when they announced that Brian Regan was coming to town! I was so excited and was online, purchasing the tickets before he even got home. I can't believe that time flew as fast as it did. Last night was the night we finally got to go. So I got a babysitter, my sister Tiff and her husband came too. I drove up with Tiff and met Adam in SL at his work. He took us around the building he is building right now. We got the official tour! It was so fun to see!Did I mention I have such an amazing and talented husband?

Next was Cafe Molise. It is this little quaint Italian restaurant in DT SLC. I got my FAVORITE dish, which was Gniocci. Then rapped up the night laughing so hard my face hurt seeing the best comedian ever!


Jana said...

My in-laws own one of those condos Adam worked on. I hear they are really beautiful.
How fun to go to Bryan Regan!

Devonne said...

We have gotten the chance to see Brian Regan twice. He is hilarious! The last time we even got to go back stage and meet him. Super nice guy too!