Sunday, January 31, 2010


So, like most of you I am sure ... you always think of that day. It is the day in which your first child calls you MOMMY! Ma. Mom! Well, Bryson turns 2 years old in 13 days, and he has YET to call me mom. I am known to him as DA (in a very loud voice yell) ... or even better .... MANDY! Thats right, my one year old calls me Mandy.

So Chad a week or so ago, started saying ma ma ma ma ma .... as he plays with toys. NOTE: this is one word that Chad says and Bryson doesn't. SO Bryson, in the effort to get attention started saying ma ma ma! OH, I thought there is HOPE!

SO I tried to course my son in saying ma ma ma MOMMY! and he repeated ... and I quote " ma ma ma DADDY! "

OH WELL ... I guess Mandy will have to do for now. I know when that day that he calls me mommy ... my life WILL be changed forever!

PS ... Bryson isn't a dumb little man. The other night we were telling Bryson how we needed to get our scriptures so we could read them before bed. HE RAN into our bedroom and after a few minutes, we wondered where he was. Out of this pitch black room comes our little bryson dragging Adam's scriptures down the hall. I will tell you, he knows more than we think he does. Sure one of those days where you think, maybe I am doing SOMETHING right :)


Amanda said...

That's too funny about your little guy! My oldest didn't talk for the longest time and (I love this story) once in Sunday School (he was probably about 5) they were making lists of family members' names. Well, he didn't know my first Nathan's just fine but thought my name was "Honey"...after that we had to make sure Nathan called me "Amanda" more often, LOL!

Anonymous said...

don't worry, i have a late talker too, my 2 yr old calls me mom or dadda. I usually answer to both

Marsha said...

It's great to see those cute little boys. I miss you all. Remember Jaimie didn't start talking until she was almost 3. We love you.

Donna said...

Mandy, you are your family are in my prayers. I am sorry to hear about your disease and I hope it does not progress but you are right we should all embrace each moment and enjoy it. We sometimes get caught up in the rush and forget to slow down and smell the roses!