Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm Back!!!

So you're asking ... What type of information has Mandy withheld from the world for an entire month ... or so :) Well, here is the lo-down:

Chad is nine weeks now and growing SO much every day!
My family came to Page for a few fun filled days at Lake Powell, celebration of the 4th of July, and Chad's baby blessing.
I attended and enjoyed my 10 year high-school reunion.
My sister Tiffany came to help us pack up our house.
We moved to Utah. We are living in Highland in the basement apartment we lived in when we were newlyweds! It is a temporary living situation until we can find either a house, or decide to rent something. Either way, it is so nice to be home.
I designed my cousin's wedding announcement.
It took almost 2 weeks to finally get the internet.
I am way overwhelmed on everything that has happened this past month and so I do even know where to begin.'
And though we are still really unsettled with where we are living, what we are doing, and life ... we are happy.

So much has "CHANGED MY LIFE" in the past weeks. There is so much to post about, so rather than have one long post ... I will update you little by little within the next couple of days.

First, and most importantly ... CHAD!
I came home from the hospital and my mom stayed with us for an entire week. It was so nice to have her there to play with Bryson, help me with the baby, babysit while I slept, single handedly cooked every meal, slept on my couch, took Bryson for a walk every night, and never complained. What would I do without my mom! Bryson sure got attached to grandma, and in-fact really made it known to me that I was no where near as fun as her :)
The day my mom left, one of my dearest friends from high school, Maria, came to visit from Utah. Her little one Everett is only a month or so younger than Bryson. Adam took her husband on a scenic tour, Maria and i visited until we couldn't keep our eyes open, and Bryce & Everett played for hours on end and loved it! It was so nice to have a friend to take my mind off the pain!
I have had so many people ask ... SO do Bryson and Chad look alike as babies?
Well ... I took a picture of Chad in this darling outfit I got when Bryson was born. I will let you decide!
CHADBRYSON Isn't it crazy how similar the pictures turned out? Stay tunned ... I have lots more to tell you about!


Jules said...

that one of your mom and Bryson is so cute.
looking forward to many, many posts! :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back? I look forward to many more post and pictures.

Carrie said...

I was just thinking the other day that it had been a long time since you had posted. I am glad to see you are back on and can't wait for more updates. Chad is absolutely adorable and the picture of Bryson and Chad in the same outfit is precious! They do look a little alike in the photo.

Leslie said...

Your sunny disposition is contagious! In spite of all that is happening in your life, you are happy. That's the only way to be. It's not the destination, but the method of traveling, I'm sure you've heard that before :)

Kelly Evanson said...

that is so cute! and what a good idea!! chad is darling!