Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Questions & Answers

So here are a few answers to questions by you fabulous readers:

I have a two year old boy and he is into EVERYTHING! How, since you said your scrapping stuff was in Bryson's room, do you keep him out of everything??

I would really appreciate your help and advice!


Well Megan, I don't have a two year old yet, and it seems like DAILY Bryson gets into more and more, but here are few of the solutions that have worked for me:

I try to place things in the lower part of my desk that I don't mind him getting into. I also do the same with the shelf in my hallway and closet. So far it has worked ... but I am sure lots will change as he gets older, taller, and more capable of opening things. The nice thing about my new desk is that the drawers are actually a little more difficult to open, so he can't open them yet!)

1. I place memorabilia in boxes so he can't see what is inside. He likes to touch the front of them, but I haven't had a problem with him pulling them off the shelves yet.
2. I try and put baskets of toys in places next to my scrapbook stuff to veer him away from my stuff.
3. Again, on my shelf in my hallway, I put the baskets of toys on the bottom shelf. The next shelf is books that I squeeze SO tight together that he can't pull them off, and then my magazines on the next shelf. He can't quite reach those yet. Those are ones I really don't want him to touch, and then of course everything else are things I don't want him to touch on the highest shelves.
4. My ribbon I put in cheap plastic containers. They close tight so he can't get to my ribbon.
5. This picture I included to show you how I stack it all in my cubes I mentioned before.

Hope that helps a little Megan.

The other question was from Val:

What did you use to hang the clipboards?? And how did you make it strong enough for their weight??

Honestly, I just used regular push pins and they hold them great. I know I have too many "things" on my clipboard and it is time to clean it off when the clipboard gets too heavy.

Hope that helped a few of you out. I am hoping to "clean off my desk" before I leave for Hawaii so I can show you the last part of my office before I leave. Be sure to check back!


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okanogangirl said...

Good tips Mandy! I also share a space with my kids in our playroom. They know what's okay for them to touch and what's not. Seems that I started off that way and they do good. They know the bounds and are willing to respect that! Good luck as Bryson gets older! The only thing I wonder is what you're going to do when your second blessing arrives!