Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baby Nesting

So I finally determined ... I have been in my "nesting" stage for a few weeks now. My goal is to finish Bryson's first year book by the time that the new baby comes ... and I am starting to stress. Next Friday is Scrap night with by friends and I have GOT to accomplish tons!

With that being said ... I have taken a trip down memory lane that past few days and thought I would share what I did for Bryson's thank you notes.

I decided to hand make them, but after making over a 100, (4 showers!) I got a little overwhelmed and decided to do his announcement graphically. (It was a 5 x 7 card that opened from the bottom.

I stamped his feet, scanned them in, and turned them brown to match the "color scheme".

I do free-lance design work on the side for Wedding Invites, and other graphic design needs ... so if anyone is interested ... I am always looking for new jobs. just email me! (

Here is a great website where I find inspiration!
Tiny Prints


Carrie said...

Love the thank you notes. Wish I had thought of that. It is much more personalized than the thank you notes that are normally done. I tried to go to the link that you had for the site that you get inspiration from but it didn't work.

Emilie said...

How cute. My little one was born 4/25/07, and I'm still trying to finish his first year. :) But that's what happens when you take thousands of pictures, right?