Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And the WINNER is:


Thanks so much for entering everyone. There were quite a few of you that knew all of them. Maybe next time I need to be a little tougher! I am so proud! Here are the answers for those of you who are still wondering:

"Yogurt ... Yogurt ... I hate Yogurt ... especially with STRAWBERRIES" - Spaceballs

"I gotta get outa here, I gotta get out of here." "Get ahold of your self ... SMACK!" - Airplane

"She'll be comin' around the mountain when she comes ... EXCUSE me ... are you the singing bush?" - 3 Amigos

"Look at the size of that kids noggin'" - So i married an axe murderer

"Farley, Farely, Farley, Farley" - 3 Amigos

Seriously, some of the best movies of ALL time!

So St. George was AWESOME! We got there on Friday and met right up for lunch with my Sister, her husband, and my darling niece, and my sisters friends. We ended up spending more time with them than we had planned which was great! We went to a lot of BEAUTIFUL homes, ate LOTS of food, and even went to see the movie Mall Cop.
(PS ... if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it! It was HILARIOUS!)

Here are a few picts of things that inspired me! Some of the pictures are on my husbands point and shoot ... so look back later for additional pictures! hope you like them!
Speaking of movie quotes, this was some vinyl writing on a wall that I thought was extra cute!
This was the whole family's hands framed with their signature. I just thought it was really sweet. I definitely want to do this with my family when I am done having kids ... or better yet ... maybe I should do it multiple times as they are growing up!
Check back for more picts later!

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