Wednesday, October 8, 2008


For some reason, I have always loved to run. I know ... right now you are thinking, IS SHE INSANE? Well I promise folks, I am not! These are 10 reasons I love it:

1. Great form of exercise.
2. I clear my mind of what is stressing me out.
3. I feel GREAT when I do it. (other than an occasional scream from my horrible knees)
4. I feel like I am justified to eat as much junk food as I want.
5. I loose weight.
6. I always seem to be able to find friends that like to run too.
7. I get to listen to my IPOD.
8. Bryson is so content in the running stroller.
9. It gives me a reason to get my bum out of bed.
10. I get to explore places I would never drive in my car.

I have been running for years! It started by doing Track in 9th grade running the 1600 and 3200 races; Then it was to keep in shape for cheerleading during high school (yes I cheered and I am proud of it man ... but that is just between you and me); I ran down at SUU so I could get a hoot and holla from those cute boys at SUU; I ran with my AWESOME roommate who was on the BYU Gymnastics team; I have ran the freedom festival 10k for YEARS and YEARS on the fourth of July with my family; I ran on my mission (I served in Upstate New York); I ran to loose weight before I got married; I ran with my buddy Jodi (who kicked my trash I might add) after I got married twice a week at 5am; and I run now to loose baby weight and because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

This past weekend, my friend Kelly called and talked me into running a 5K race with her. Now being in the small town we live in, there were only 5 people in the community that showed up to run it, but HEY, we did it dang it ... and we feel GREAT! Here's a little TOOT out to Kelly, it was her first race and she did AWESOME.

Some crazy details about the race: It was on sand which made my quads BURN like no other; it was up and down hills; it over looked BEAUTIFUL Lake Powell; it started to rain RIGHT as we finished; we were DEAD last and loved every minute of it; we in fact, didn't even know where the finish line was, other than a friend of ours who organized the race yelled out great job when we passed through some gates! Here are some fun pictures to give you an idea of what it was like:


Jamie said...

Love the post! I told myself yesterday that I was going to start running. Thanks for the motivation!

Any tips for a beginner? :)

ScrapHappy said...

This totally cracks me up that only five people were there! Good for you! I've been runhing for years but recently stopped b/c I've been doing yoga... but it's time to lace on the shoes again...