Friday, October 3, 2008

Pie contest!

Last night our Ward Chili Cookoff and Pie Contest. I got on a pie making kick yesterday and made THREE!

L to R Banana Cream, Key Lime, and Apple

They had three judges for the Chili and three for the pie contests.
Believe it or not I actually got FIRST PLACE!

The pie that won was my Apple pie!

I had so much fun making the pies and definitely didn't do it to win! There is just something about fall and pie making!

OH I wanted to share with you on what to do with leftover pie crust scraps. My mother-in-law taught me last thanksgiving. You take the scraps, spread butter all over them, pour cinnamon and sugar over that, and roll them up. Cook them in the oven until they slightly turn brown. THEY ARE SO YUMMY!


Jamie said...

Congratulations on the blue ribbon!

Lisa Lew said...

Looks yummy! Do you share recipes??:)