Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Fun

We sure had a great Halloween and hope you did too! Here is a picture of my little Turtle this year! I think he is the cutest turtle I have ever seen!

Adam & I tried to find matching turtle costumes, but when it came down to it, they didn't make any cute turtle costumes for adults, so we just decided to be the ninjas!


The Clarkson Family said...

We get it... Ninja Turtles! :) Love it! Tim, the boys and I are all gathered around looking at your cute baby as the cutest turtle ever!
Did we ever tell you that Tim's dad bought that cabin? We'll have to go again sometime, with out the midnight intruders! :) BTW, the goats are gone! :)

Krissa Allen said...

Yep he is the cutest turtle ever! And I am impressed that you got adam to dress up, dave would never, ok I probably wouldn't either so way to get into the spirit of halloween! Love you :)

Anonymous said...

You all look so cute, especially little Bryson!
So, I'm a little confused, am I supposed to be commenting on this blog or the other one? Are you closing the other one? Sorry, I'm a nerd.