Monday, September 22, 2008

From good to bad

There are great things that changed my life this week and here they are:

One, My husband brought me home two dozen roses, one dozen red, and the other dozen white. I was just having one of those days and he purchased them out of nowhere. NOW to all of you ladies who think ... man I wish my husband would do that ... I am one of you! This is not something Adam does often, but I sure love those times that he does surprise me for no reason at all!

Two, I finished my grocery cart cover! The fabric I found on Stacy Julians Blog a few weeks ago, and ordered. It is by a company called Heather Bailey. She makes Scrapbook Paper too! You'll have to check it out. The pattern is McCalls that I got at Walmart. Pretty sweet huh! It folds up into a bag too!

Three, This little friend was one that didn't change my life for the better ... it was what I found in my kitchen as I went to put Bryson in his highchair to feed him. Adam said it was the largest centipede he had ever seen. 6" long and REALLY scary! (Okay so probably not that scary). I had to wait a whole 20 minutes until Adam got home for it to be removed from my house. OH how there are some days I REALLY hate living in Arizona!


Jules said...

ew, ew, ew (to the last picture, not the flowers or cutie Bryson!)
ew, ew, ew! --it needed to be said multiple times.

sara douglass said...

First, LOVE you flowers... What a great guy!
Second, you are quite the domestic gal aren't you? Is this something you think even I could handle?!!! Did you scream? I get chills just looking at the photo.

The Momma said...

I love the shopping cart cover. I'm the mom to a 2 yr old and 1 year old who still put EVERYTHING in their mouth! Maybe I should do this . . McCalls, Walmart you say?
Great idea!

joscelyne cutchens said...

YAY for the flowers, YAY for the shopping cart cover...
YIKES. centipedes are one of the grossest, scariest things around. A broom and stand-up dustpan then straight to the toilet!
I hope you don't have any more of those!

Tai said...

Okay I am totally grossed out by the last picture. The roses were totally sweet though and the shopping cart cover looks great!! I totally miss the good old Mandy times. I love when you will post a random comment about them on my blog. Do you remember when we would go to the mall to do Christmas shopping for ourselves the day after Christmas????

The Clarkson Family said...

I love the shopping cart cover! Why didn't I know that they existed!? Beautiful roses!!! So sweet! And, yeah, I would have waited for Tim to get home to get that centipede! Gross!

Jamie said...

You did a great job on your shopping cart cover.

That bug is really scarey.

Michelle said...

Hi there! I just clicked on your blog from Becky Higgins' site and I just HAD to comment about that centipede. We had the EXACT one yesterday....but in my bedroom! Ewwww!! I was so freaked out I didn't get a chance to grab a camera!

Have a wonderful (bug-free) day :)