Thursday, May 9, 2013

Last Minute Mother's Day Helps

Mother’s Day seems to sneak up on me every year. The really time intensive, and thought through gifts are a memory in the past. Now it is crunch time to get something for mom that she loves and to show her that you really care.

Today’s gifts will take the ordinary Mother’s day gift into something extraordinary. With a little wrap, and a darling tag … Mother’s day will be an easy task to tackle this year!


Most mothers would love a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mothers Day. But what can help those flowers look a little more personal, and not so last minute?

Wrap in kraft paper, edges cut with scallop scissors. Wrap with a beautiful bow, and finish off the bow with a darling broach. (Handmade or purchased)

Source –
Flowers (The Flower Patch in American Fork)
Broach – Handmade from Scrapbook supplies purchased at Hobby Lobby

See end of post for Tag Downloads


Whether your gift is a book with the subject about motherhood or another book that mom loves, dress it up and make it look beautiful. It is hard to disguise a book, so why not just dress the cover. Although she may know it is a book, she may not know what book it is until she unwraps the beautiful wrapping. Make the tag usable as well as darling.

The simple joys of Motherhood – Purchased at Target

The tag can also act as a bookmark! – Mom, you’re #1 in my book!
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All Dressed up!

If your mom is anything like mine, it is often hard to find something she would love to wear. What about a darling scarf and a gift card to go search for the perfect outfit to go with it!

Source –
Scarf Purchased at Target
Burlap – Hobby Lobby
Fabric strip – Hobby Lobby

Tag  download – Nothing better than spending time with you

Photo Gift
(Photo gifts displayed from in Pleasant Grove)

My mom often has everything that she needs and wants. Some of her most prized possessions are pictures of her kids and grandkids. There are endless possibilities of how to give gifts, but with a darling tag, and wrapped beautifully, you mom will delighted!

Tag download – You’re the picture perfect mom!
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Tell mom how much you love her by giving her a special charm, necklace, or something to dress her up!
Rather than the standard jewelry box, make this darling wrapped cone, just the perfect size for something small with lots of meaning! And finish it off with this darling tag:

Tag – Our family jewel
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Mom’s Favorite Treat

Some of mom’s favorite things could include her favorite treat. It could be handmade or purchased, but with it wrapped up beautifully, it will make her enjoy it even more!

All of the tags are available to download for personal use only!


Gloria @ Simply Gloria said...

I saw your segment this morning. And I just have to say that these are absolutely adorable! You have instantly inspired me to do a project for my mom in law. Thank you so much! I'm pinning!

Unknown said...

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